In today’s cut-throat scenario, good work demands a flamboyant display, widespread appreciation and a good deal of shouting from rooftops. Unfortunately, since rooftops can be a dangerous place for most, the experts i.e  Jery & jonah are here to help.


Digital Marketing- SEO, SMM, Google advertising, Portal ads, Bulk Mailing etc.

Web Design and development

Branding & Advertising

Ad film and Corporate films

Radio & TV promotions

Marketing Communication

Public Relations and HR Communication

Experiential Marketing

OOH Advertising

Digital Marketing Services

Your 360-degree Brandcom / Marcom is incomplete, if you don’t have Digital marketing as part of the strategy bouquet. The cost-efficiencies and the constant customer-engagement opportunities make Digital Marketing a killer tool for any brand owner and with Abraham group, you can make a killing out of it. The convenience of being measurable to the last click, flexibility in terms of half-way course corrections, generating customer and competitor intelligence like never-before are a few more edges that make it even more scientific, and very terrific. The most prominent of the Digital Marketing Channels encompass SEO, SEM, SMM and SME.

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

Cutting the technical jargons down, it’s about strategising, managing and meticulously ensuring that a brand’s website gets ranked as one of the first page results on Google search. It’s a recurring activity which needs to be sustained to ensure your website stays hale & healthy, and remains welcoming for potential customers and leads.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

With the advent of Google, Search-based Text ads, Banner ads (Display ads), etc., are proven methods of reaching out to your TG in surgical ways, with least/zero spillage. If your Print campaigns establish Brand visibility and familiarity to help you command brand salience in the customers’ mind, SEM gives you point-blank sales. At dazzlingly lower costs.

SMM: Social Media Marketing

Similar to SEM, SMM is reaching your TG that’s active on Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, etc., These ads too are surgically targeted, in terms of audience’s interests, geography, age and more defined & refined parameters ensuring your campaigns are exposed to the audience who is likely to be interested in transacting with your brand.

SME: Social Media Engagement

Today, every brand, big or small, is on Facebook. It has a business page on FB, with thousands or lakhs of fans (likes) hooked on to it. Almost, every other brand has a twitter handle. Every neighbourhood store floats an instagram page, showcasing its products, services, etc., Why?

Because, with a presence created for your brand on a relevant social media platform, it stands a huge chance to keep the audience engagement up and running, every day. Social media presence can help brands to interact with their TG in flesh and blood. It’s an excellent listening tool too: the intelligence garnered through being active, interactive and attentive on social media is something that the brands of the bygone era gained only after splurging a fortune on market research.


  • SEO Solutions
  • SEM – Text ads like Google Adwords, Banner ads, Display ads, Campaign Management
  • SMM – FB ads, YouTube ads, Twitter Campaigns, Campaign Management

Web Design and development

The objective of creating a compelling web presence for your brand, Abraham Group everything from Concept to Maintenance of a Website: Architecture the Website structure, wireframing, designing & templating the UI, Developing the website using appropriate tools like HTML, Java, PHP, WordPress, etc.,and Content-writing. We also provide Maintenance solutions for websites that need continuous nurturing and technical upkeep. We develop static websites, CMS Websites and eCommerce websites.

Great sites have some unique components, what makes them outstanding from overall crowd. Site graphic may consist many elements, including typography, layout, background graphic, icon sets and many other details, which distinguish site from hundreds of similar others.

  • Static Website
  • Dynamic website
  • Responsive Website

Branding & Advertising

Ideating, creating, art working logos & if need be, re-thinking brand identities. Formulating brand communication and brand positioning strategies. Planning & executing measurable brand development initiatives including conceptualising, art working, production & releases of advertisements across media.


  • Naming
  • Logo creation and design
  • Brand stationery
  • Print ads
  • TV commercials
  • Radio jingles
  • Web ads – Banner ads, Text ads
  • Emailers
  • Corporate promotional films
  • Brochures, Flyers and other Marketing literature
  • OOH – Outdoor ads like Hoardings, Banners, Signages
  • Corporate presentations and more

We Capture Their Attention So That You May Capture Their Imagination

Product Launches and Promotions:

We specialize in:

Gone are the times when a company’s good work was its own reward.

In today’s cut-throat scenario, good work demands a flamboyant display, widespread appreciation and a good deal of shouting from rooftops. Unfortunately, since rooftops can be a dangerous place for most, the experts i.e. FusionEventz are here to help.

We help plan, conceptualize and develop a platform through which you can generate awareness about your business venture. In short, ensure that your brand reaches the eyes and ears of the public, and we capture their attention so that you may capture their imagination!

 We provide a wide range of marketing avenues and techniques for all types of products from Consumer Products and Shopping Products to Specialty Products & Business Products. Each client is offered different promotion and client is offered different promotion and marketing techniques based on their specific needs and objectives and their allotted budgets.

Service Launches and Promotions:

We provide a wide range of marketing avenues and techniques for all types of services from Insurance companies, Hospitality industry, Household Services, Banking companies, etc. Each client is offered different promotion and marketing techniques based on their specific needs and objectives and their allotted budgets.

New Showroom/Outlet Launches:

We provide a wide range of Showroom Launches & Showroom Promotions solutions to showrooms/outlets of varying types and sizes from Fast Food Outlets to High-End automobile showrooms.

Brand Activation:

For new and existing Outlets/Franchises/Businesses. Brand promotions can be carried out in the following areas depending on your target audience:

    • Malls
    • Tech-Parks
    • Apartments and Gated Communities
    • Schools and Colleges
    • Commercial Establishments

Ad film and Corporate films

We budded as filmmakers, we took up concept creation along the way and now we have transited into a creative services agency. the studio agency has a fantastic heritage and a strong foundation in production. with countless hours of rendering, sleepless nights at the edits, long days at shoots & brainstorming ideas with the team, we have come through a great learning curve. while our thinking caps are on almost 24/7 we experiment with various other ventures as well, cos after all, we’ve realized that, curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat.

We believe that – Films should impress. Films should please. Films should reach outBut most of all, Films should touch your heart.

We combine technical excellence with innovative and insightful ideas that touch the hearts of the audience. We specialise in Ad Films that will enhance your brand and set you apart from the clamour of your competitors.

All of our projects are executed at the highest standard with the greatest skill & care, and we endeavour to remain ahead of the curve by keepingup to date with new and advanced technologies.

Our Clients include some of the best and mostillustrious in the industry, but we also enjoy working with emerging brands looking to make an impression.

Radio & TV Promotions

U  don’t need to be crazy expensive to produce or to air, and can be a great fit for even a small local company. We’ll fine tune the ad buy to make sure your message is being played when your prospective client is watching. Production of T.V. commercials in Chennai & Radio commercials are done by our team of professionals using the latest technology, with state of the art equipment and a one of a kind editing facility to ensure top quality High Definition (HD) Television and Radio Production. Unique facilities include a sound mixing theater, automated Radio On-Air Production.

Our production of T.V. commercials in Chennai, India is done professionally and creatively in order to get the attention of a wider audience. Television advertising is all about crafting a short story that encapsulates your campaign message and comes alive on screen to a captive audience. We provide full service commercial and corporate television advertising and A.V. Video production services – from script writing to filming to strategic fighting placement. There are all sorts of reasons why television advertising is so brilliant at creating success for brands and businesses both in the short-term and the long-term.

Marketing Communications

Conceiving and managing communication initiatives & on-ground events which are custom-made to suit the client’s marketing objectives (it could be creating awareness or promoting business with definite number-driven targets through BTL Activities).


  • Sales promotional drives
  • Target-oriented Marcom campaigns & activities
  • Danglers, POS’s like Posters, Props, etc.,
  • Marketing merchandise
  • Direct mailer (DM) Packs, EDM’s (Electronic Direct Mailers)
  • On-ground activities

For new and existing Outlets/Franchises/Businesses. BTL Advertising can be carried out in the following avenues depending on your target audience:

Newspaper Insertion

Leaflet Distribution

Mobile Van/Billboards

Canter Promotions

Public Relations and HR Communication

If an Ad campaign builds brand visibility, a PR Campaign builds brand credibility. We help brand owners in identifying and creating PR opportunities for their brands and devise the appropriate PR mechanism. We have on-going partnerships with leading PR Agencies across the country to ensure timely and favourable exposures for the brand across media.


  • PR Planning and Execution
  • Liasioning with PR Agencies
  • Advertorials
  • News Write-ups
  • Exclusive Interviews

This is an uncharted territory for most Advertising agencies / Brand communication consultancies. Thanks to a few corporate clients who invested their trust in us, we have evolved in the HR Communication & Employee engagement space as well. Be it branding a fun event for your employees, or an all-serious executive training programme which needs a lot of participation and buy-ins, or an attitude-changing drive or campaign to be conceived, launched and executed in a particular department / SBU, growth can be driven


  • Engagement programme branding (Naming & Logo design)
  • Internal audience engagement campaign – planning and implementation (Posters, Danglers, Standees, Merchandise,etc.,)
  • Off-beat events / Activations serving to very specific purposes and pre-defined outcomes
  • Experiential branding

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is a form of advertising that focuses primarily on helping consumers experience a brand.

While traditional advertising (radio, print, television) verbally and visually communicates the brand and product benefits, experiential marketing tries to immerse the consumers within the product by engaging as many other human senses as possible. In this way, experiential marketing can encompass a variety of other marketing strategies from individual sampling to large-scale guerrilla marketing.

In the end, the goal of experiential marketing is to form a memorable and emotional connection between the consumer and the brand so that it may generate customer loyalty and influence purchase decision.

Brands utilize a variety of marketing strategies in order to achieve this emotional connection with their consumers. When it comes to which marketing strategies to use, it depends more on how they are used, the target demographic of the product, and the emotion that the brand wants to associate with itself.

Marketing Communication Services domain encompasses the following  verticals:

  • Creative Services – Advertising, Brand Marketing , Corporate Identity, Strategy Creation,  and Integrated Marketing Communication & Consultancy services
  • Media Planning: Outdoor Media and Digital Advertising Media

Other Marcom Services –  Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions Management, Wedding Management, Event Management & Marketing, Celebrity Endorsements & Talent Management, Brand Activations & Promotions; Public & Media Relations, and Social Media Marketing

OOH Advertising

Out-Of-Home Advertising (OOH) or Outdoor Advertising is essentially any type of advertising that reaches the consumer while he or she is outside their home. This medium is in contrast with broadcast, print and internet advertising.

Out-of-home refers to dynamic media distributed across placed-based networks in venues including, but not limited to: cafes, bars, restaurants, health clubs, colleges, arenas, petrol bunks and public spaces.

At Abraham group, we provide several OOH Advertising solutions to our clientele for varying budgets and according to their specific needs and requirements.

  • Billboards
  • Road Medians
  • Lamp Post Banner Advertising
  • Advertising on Auto Rickshaws
  • Advertising on Taxi/Cabs
  • Advertising in Metro Rails and Metro Stations
  • Advertising on local buses: Parisaravahini, Big 10, Suvarna & Volvo Bus (Inside and Outside Advertising)
  • Bus Shelter Advertising
  • Mobile Billboard Vans
  • Roadshow Canters
  • Bench Advertising (Benches on footpaths)
  • Premier Panels & Premier Squares
  • Advertising on Teardrop flags, Toblerone Banners, Kiosks, etc
  • Wallscapes in Malls
  • Digital Signage’s
  • Point-of-sale Display in Malls, Grocery stores & Departmental Stores
  • Walking Billboards/iWalkers
  • Advertising in Restaurants Clubs Cafes & Hotels