Our culture

 A strategic vision does not define a company’s success – its people do. At Abraham Group, we accord intellectual capital prime importance and provide our people a creative, collaborative environment that encourages initiative, drive and a sense of professional fulfillment. Abraham Group has worked diligently to ensure independent thought and input from all levels of the organization, essential to the organization’s survival.

Our people are the growth engine of this organization and have helped define what Abraham Group is today. As Employees of Abraham Group, we help clients achieve their targets, and change the rules of the contest, by taking approaches that go beyond the conventional. We work with our clients, right from the idea generation to planning, execution, and change thereon.

With a corporate culture based on Creativity and Innovation, we endeavor to practice “something new, something different” everyday, and have established a commendable position in the market.

Our key success factors have been well-founded professional know-how – in each individual sector – a practiced culture of knowledge transfer, and a high degree of employee commitment.

However, no organization can afford to rest on its laurels. Every day offers a chance to exploit opportunities and extend our reach.

We welcome candidates who are interested in challenging work and a dynamic career in a company that values creativity and intellectual curiosity.

Business Standards & Ethics

Abraham Group incorporates the highest form of in-class business standards, policies and ethics as a vital pillar of its business practices.

Business Standards and Ethics training is provided to all personnel via trainings, seminars, workshops and manuals provided, regarding the company’s Standards of Business Conduct and related areas. It is the company’s intent and strict policy to ensure that all personnel have the highest knowledge and training to act ethically and legally, in compliance with the Abraham  Group’s Standard of Business Conduct.

Human Resources

The Group employees are vital towards fulfilling our business objectives and goals. Our vision is to build a value based organization by inculcating a culture of learning, creativity and teamwork while aligning business priorities and incorporating our company culture & values, thus leading to the development of an empowered, responsive and competent human capital.

Hiring Practices

The Abraham Group provides equal opportunity for all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, caste, colour, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, or any other basis prohibited by the Central Government, State Government Laws and the Constitution of India.

Harassment Prevention and Discrimination Policies

The Abraham group Company’s policy prohibits employees from harassing any other employee, client or other person in the course of the company’s business for any reason prohibited by law, including, but not limited to, race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, or any other basis prohibited by state or federal law.


We recognize and reward our personnel for both individual and team accomplishments. Our portfolio of businesses and services offer a wide variety of Reward & Recognition programs that encompass a range of opportunities for employees of Abraham groups to excel spanning

Abraham Excellence Awards

A symbol of aspiration for every group employee, these annual awards have uncovered and acknowledged exemplary service, exceptional talent, dedication and aptitude across the Abraham Group

Abraham Long Service Awards

Honoring the dedication, commitment, passion and loyalty of group employees.

Professional Excellence Honors

Recognizing exceptional and outstanding deliveries across projects and businesses


Abraham Group will strive towards building enduring trust with shareholders, investors, associates, clients and employees by employing ethical corporate governance practices. The  abraham group believes in the highest form of accountability, transparency, values, ethics and regulatory compliances, and our corporate conduct, culture and policies exude and promote these traits in all our people. We look for people who ‘Dare to Dream’.

The employees receive an unparalleled exposure to a multitude of options spanning the advertising, public relations, media, digital, entertainment, architecture, interiors,real estate, construction, finance, HR, Accounts, Management domain etc.

Extensive corporate training and induction is provided, which includes introduction to the various spectrum of activities handled by abraham group  along with opportunities for lateral movement across the Abraham  Group of Companies as per the individual stream preferences.The training, learning, exposure, opportunity and experience attained at Abraham Group of companies has created and launched many a spectacular career.

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