Financial Opportunity

ABRAHAM Group is always in the lookout for the betterment of the community & extending its maximum support towards the improvement of the society through its large & organized infrastructure, excellent marketing & distribution model. Its proprietary technologies, unmatched innovation, and global channel  partners allow it to work directly with customers to develop new synergies and formulas to address a range of asset and finance solutions.

With this desire ABRAHAM Group provides you an opportunity to explore your potential & achieve your dreams of ‘Good Health, Wealth & Better living’ with the help of revolutionary business plan & unparalleled quality products. The company has established a countrywide sales and marketing network in India through a vibrant sales force consisting of professionally trained and highly motivated marketing and sales professionals and efficient forwarding agents all over India to make its products available at all places and at all times.

Abraham Group - Business Plan

ABRAHAM Group – Business Plan is a great business opportunity that is open to everyone. We offer limitless opportunities to earn. However the actual income varies in accordance to the channel  goals, commitment & dedication level. It allows you to build your business through retailing products and sponsoring other people who, in turn, can retail products and offer the business opportunity to others. The income depends on one’s efforts. By sharing this business plan with other, you can simply boost your business and also you enable others to build their own business

  1. No registration or membership fees required in order to become a channel partner. In addition, there are no annual renewal fees. You need to be sponsored in the business by an already existing Group partner.
  2. The main course of the ABRAHAM Group business is the sale of quality Property related and financial products to retail customers and you can earn commission which depends on volume of total sale of products. You can find all the product details in our website.
  3. The system offers an opportunity to build your own individual business by creating awareness of various packages of ABRAHAM Group and by developing and training a network of direct sales to do the same. This business is purely ethical and works on simple marketing & sales system.
  • Our Plan does not compensate anybody for simply recruiting others as channel partners.
  • Channel partner will have to ensure a minimum franchise deposit for any brand service  of  Rs. 1 lac per annum
  • Office Covered Area – 300 Sq. Ft
  • Organize Product Meeting once in a Week in assigned City

Policy to be followed by all Channel Partners

Enticement to Change Line of Partnership

No Partner must, directly or indirectly, induce/entice other channel partner  to change their line of partnership. Inducing an ABRAHAM Group Distributor to start a new business in their parents name under a different sponsor and then advising them to resign their existing Distributorship and build their parents ABRAHAM Group Business without complying with 6 months inactivity rule.

If any distributor is found indulge in activity of Enticement to change Line of Sponsorship violating the above policy then after doing necessary investigation & based on relevant evidence, ABRAHAM Group Industries reserves right to immediately terminate or suspend of a Distributor’s ID. Moreover, one can join the distributor from different line of sponsorship only after he /she gets NOC from the company side.

Inactivity Rule

To change sponsor, Distributor must resign his/her existing distributorship for 3 months or be inactive for 3 months and then join under another Sponsor. The new sponsor should not have been part of his/her original line of sponsorship either above or below him. Inactivity means no repurchase/sales of ABRAHAM Group Products/ no sponsoring of prospects/ no monthly or weekly payout generated on his/her ID for 3 months

Change Line of Sponsorship or Parallel work in two groups

In order to avoid negative impact on the harmonic development of any line of Sponsorship and damages on the Sponsorship, a Distributor shall in no circumstances directly or indirectly , whether on his/her/her own behalf or in conjunction with or by way of assisting any other person, join with other Line of Sponsorship or try to change his/her/her Line of Sponsorship by applying with different names without complying with 3 months inactivity rule. One can change line of sponsorship only after he /she gets NOC from the company side.

If any distributor is found in activity of Change Line of Sponsorship with same or different name or Parallel work in two groups then ABRAHAM Group Industries reserves right to immediately terminate or suspend of a Distributor’s both IDs New & Old in the absence of formal complaint.

Rule for changing a Pan No in a distributor Id

  1. To change a Person , a mail Request should be sent to our email id –
  2. Pan No change Request will be process in two days.
  3. Bank details are also Required at the time of Change of a Pan No. without Bank details Pan No will not be changed.